These people crack me up. Show them love.

The Bloggess: (Insanely funny woman.)

Telling Dad (By the way, if you want to strike out against violence against women, he’s got some links to a fundraising campaign related to three deaths that were due to a man who surrendered his manhood and natural role as protector through abuse and murder.)

People I Want To Punch In The Throat (Really, the title says it all)

Filing Jointly…Finally: – It took her boyfriend a decade to get the cajones to marry her, but he finally did. And they look awesome together. I don’t think you’ll find a funnier accountant on the web.

Pajamas and Coffee: –  A serious writer with a serious funny bone. Aaaand her Pinterest “Pins of the Week” feature will have you rolling.

And these lovely people started a game company that’s pretty cool: Their first offering is an app game called “Matchpot!” which is a really fun time waster. Good music, good graphics and smooth play. Family-friendly. Next, they are working on a really good RPG. I’ll let you know about its development.

Gizmodeus Games:


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