Posted: 09/06/2012 in Guys, Human Trafficking

Here in the land of manhood, we celebrate our victories. And so I am bragging about myself, but I will brag more about our lead investigator. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I spend my free time chasing down leads about suspected brothels, pimps, victimized women and other aspects of human trafficking. It’s a hard road because there’s not a lot of support.

About a year or so back I met, though mutual connections, another man who was willing to invest his time in the same pursuit, as well as some stacks of cash to put investigators in the field full-time. Though I totally claim the victory in this case, I did about 10 percent of the work compared to the lead investigator. I put in about 60 hours over three months. I imagine our lead investigator did a great deal more.

Today, however, it all came to a head as we learned that federal investigators ran with our case and arrested our target and more than half a dozen others and charged them with human trafficking. I don’t have any information about the victims yet, but I will post what I know when I can. Even after the arrests, the investigation will continue and we will be assisting the federal agents any way we can. Image

Our guy is bad news. He’s exactly the guy you want off the street. And it makes sitting in a 100-degree car for hours at a time so worth it.

Be well, men. Know that our system does, sometimes, do exactly what it should do.


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